Course Maps

Road Course

You roadies follow a police escort out of town via Siskiyou Blvd onto HWY 66, where after 8 miles of rolling terrain, you will turn right onto Old HWY 99 (aka 273 or Old Siskiyou Highway). A six mile climb will bring you to Callahan’s Lodge. Immediately after crossing under I-5 you’ll take a left turn continuing on HWY 99 then taking the next right onto the Mt. Ashland access road for the final 9 miles of climbing. The mountain bikers will join you on the road for the final two miles of climbing to the finish at the Mt. Ashland Ski Lodge.

Mountain Bike Course

You mountain and cyclocross riders will start climbing immediately out of the Plaza on Winburn Way turning left on Granite Street, wrapping around the swim pond on to Glenview Drive. Take a sharp right onto the Ashland Loop Road, cross Terrace Street and keep climbing. At Four Corners you’ll turn left, then a sharp right on 2080 followed by another left at Bull Gap. You’ll merge onto the Ski Ashland access road and join the roadies for the final two miles of paved climbing to the finish at the Mt. Ashland Ski Lodge.

Mt Ashland Hill Climb Bike Race where the road bikers race the mountain bikers to the Mt. Ashland Lodge.