Frequently Asked Questions (with some less frequent, but real questions)

1. Should I register early?

Yes, it is in your interest to register early. That way you will have a better chance of having your name spelled correctly and your OBRA number entered properly.

2. Is this race hard?

Yes, it is nearly all up hill. There are few flat sections to rest. You will be glad when you finish.

3. Can I stop part-way?

Sort of, you must keep going to the finish or notify a race volunteer that you are not going finish. We are not responsible for your safety.

5. When does race-day race desk open?

7:30 AM

6. Can I register the day of the race?

Yes, but why not register early, you’ll save a few bucks.

7. Is there a separate start for slower riders/juniors?

No. Everyone starts at 9:00.

8. Are there entry fee refunds?

No. There are no entry fee refunds, regardless of circumstances. Sorry.

9. Where is the start of the race?

The race begins in downtown Ashland at the Plaza at the base of Lithia Park at the intersection of East Main Street & Winburn Way . Take a big swig of Lithia water at the plaza before starting your climb.

10. Is there a restroom near the start.

Yes, there are restrooms by the creek, about 200 feet from the start area.

11. What is the race route?

See the Course page.

12. Is this course marked?

There are signs at major turns on the road route and chalk at the major turns on the mountain bike route. The signs are not extensive so please know your route. See the Course page.

13. What do I with this number you gave me?

Place the number so it may be read by a viewer looking at the front / right side of you riding your bike. See OBRA’s photos If we can’t see your race number, you may not be listed in the results.

14. Will the race be cancelled if the weather is really nasty at the top of the mountain?

If visibility is really poor or too smokey or it is snowing or extremely windy or extremely cold and wet, we may elect to shorten the course or cancel.

15. Can I have extra clothing brought up to the summit?

Yes, you can have a reasonably sized bag brought up to the finish. Please make sure your name is on the bag. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

16. Are there aid stations?

Yes, there will be 1 aid station per course

17. Should I carry my own water or other drink and/or bring food?

Yes, this is a strenuous course , you should be prepared to fuel and hydrate yourself appropriately so you are able to successfully complete the course.

18. Are you giving away t-shirts?


19. Am I eligible for drawing prizes even if I don’t finish?

Yes, but you must preregister and be present to win.

21. Who can win awards?

We give cash prizes to the first place male and female, mountain bike and road bike finishers. We give swag to the top 3 male and female finishers in each category.

22. What clothing should I wear?

This is a personal matter and will also depend on the weather conditions on race day. The temperature at the lodge may range from 40-70 but the temperature may feel another 10-20 degrees cooler because of wind chill.

23. Will the race organizers provide me with a ride back to Ashland?

Sort of. Ashland Mountain Adventures has graciously offered to provide people rides back to Ashland in their shuttle vans, but there are not enough spots for all of the participants, you may have to wait for the next shuttle. Many people ride back down or share rides. If you do not have a ride, please notify a race official and we will try to help you find a ride, but you may have to wait a while.

24. Is there a restroom at Mt Ashland?

The Mt Ashland Ski Area generously opens the restrooms at the ski area rental building.

25. Where would a good place be for my friends, relatives, spouse, etc to watch?

The Mt Ashland Lodge parking lot is a great place. It has a fantastic view of Mt Shasta and allows you to see all the participants as they finish. There is music & fun for all at the Mt Ashland Lodge parking lot to entertain your friend & family while you are suffering on your bike.

26. How long will the ride take?

This depends on the rider, of course, but a very fast time is around 1:30. Some people may take 3 hours to complete the distance. Awards are given out at noon, so if you take much more than 3 hours to finish you might not get any swag during the raffle.